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Ms.  Anita Bao

Founder of CareerMate and  Co -Founder of China –Association

She is a senior career planning and human resources expert, has also obtained international MBTI personality analysis certification and NCDA international career planner CDP certification.


Anita has 17+ years of experience in the personnel consulting industry and has an overseas master's degree. During her period in China –Association, she successfully helped GE, NIKE, DUPONT, Ingersoll-Rand, BASF, Novartis, TRW and other multinational companies to recommend senior managers, senior executives in finance, personnel and business related departments in China and Asia Pacific, and established a wide range of workplace connections.


She is keen to participate in public welfare activities and help the workplace to relieve occupational anxiety and stress and provide appropriate psychological counseling.


Ms. Annie Bao

Founder of China-Association  double head” Co-Founder” for  Career Mate

Ms. Annie Bao, Australia MBA holder,  is the Founder of China-Association  double head” Co-Founder” for  Career Mate, a subsidiary of China –Association. Ops in between US and China.


Annie has had 19+ years experience in executive search and human resources management. Her extensive knowledge on how Asia work, combined with her language skills (fluent in English Mandarin and Shanghai dialect) makes her a distinctive professional in people business.


By leveraging all connections and resources overseas and China, Annie and her team extend business in education industry by bridging a gap for those Chinese returnees likes to back China work and local Chinese students intend to overseas study.


In addition, she is very active in charity activities assisting those children, students who needs coaching or support. Career Mate is also focus on Corporate Social Responsibility .


Mr. David Lee

Chief Consultant for Career Mate, leading business strategy and investment team.

30+ years experience in MNC and used to be:


•IBM Taiwan : Sales Representative, Branch Manager.

•Oracle Taiwan Corp : Managing Director

•Oracle China Corp : Eastern and Western Regional   Managing Director

•Dopod  China  Communication Corp  : CEO & President

•1111 Online Job Bank : CEO

•China Yonyou software company independent board director


Currently heading as :

•Board  director :  Wiston  Information Technology &  Service  Corp

•Board  director :  Easycard investment  Holding  Corp


David has strong decisiveness, strategic sense and exceptional discipline earned his respect throughout the TMT industry and social media in China. 


Ms. Rachel Fang

Production Director ( MBA)

Heading a commercial professional, she' qualified with more than 12 year-across Asia working experiences in Global MNC and local private company cross human resource, Financial business Consultancy Firms, including 2+ years oversea working experience in Singapore,6-month project in Australia. 

Being a member of Caree mat, she has engaged a few overseas/ campus recruiting projects by assisting employers on EVP promotion and company branding strategy, manpower plan to attract targeting oversea returnees back to China, And lead few overseas project of talent on- Boarding services. 

Strong school and employer connections in China and solid experience in client management, channel management & CRM.

She is passionate on Education industry, her mission is to provide those global talent or returnees a workforce in China or overseas. 

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