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CareerMate Solutions provides students with opportunities in visiting companies, attending seminars with entry-level employees and managers, and conducting career assessment and career coaching. 


Company tours and product experience:

To understand the process of product development, marketing strategies, & operations;


Seminar with Entry-level Employees & Managers:

To understand company structure, and their daily tasks, challenges & strategies;


Company Presentation by HR:

To learn company’s expectations for entry-level employees and company culture in depth.


Fitness-Self Discovery

  • Personality assessment and discovery

  • Background assessment (major, school, skill sets, and career preferences)

  • Career planning and positioning: internship plans preparing for full-time companies and locations (conversation with parents)


Results: Personality assessment, Top 3 internship recommendation, resume and one minute video preparation


Readiness-Career Coaching

  • Career Training: Skill Development & Tear down the Wall Program

  • Skill Development

  • Interview preparation, including general and industry specific questions preparation and basic knowledge for targeted companies including company culture, focus, features, ranking, etc.  Mock Interview and resume critique 

  • Basic skill set enhancement training for the job 

Leadership training and further career coaching. 



  • Corporate internships – internships in 1-2 related industries

  • One-on-one mentorship service during the internship + consulting for post-internships

  • Being part of the talent pool for future potential career opportunities

  • Top training programs for students’ selection

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